Update: It would appear the Ashlings Warhammer Online 1-40 Leveling Guide that I use for leveling and recommend below is no longer available! Fortunately for the last few months I’ve been trying out the Goblin Warhammer Online Mastery Guide which is VERY good and offers more extras than the Ashlings Warhammer Online guide, so in some respects is a better purchase (there are things I’ll miss from the Ashlings WAR Leveling guide).

When I get some time I’ll try to write a full Goblin Warhammer Online Mastery Leveling Guide Review, for now you’ll just have to take my word for it that’s it’s a very good leveling guide :-)

September 18th Update: WAR is here! Finally I got access to the live Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning server, wahoo! I preordered Warhammer Online from Amazon and it arrived in time for me to play on day one of the release. I’m afraid that’s all the update your getting I have some serious game time to put in now :)

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Leveling Guide (1-40) Reviews

If you’ve read my site previously you’ll know I’m a World of Warcraft player (WOW addict to be precise, love PVE raiding and battleground PVP :)) While I’ve been patiently waiting for the new WOW expansion Wrath of the Lich King to arrive I was lucky enough to gain access to the early beta release of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, so have been spending some VERY LATE nights playing WAR online.

Although it’s early days (MMO’s tend to evolve over time with user feedback) I can see Warhammer Online rivaling World of Warcraft as THE MMO to play. It looks and plays really well (especially the PVP/RvR or Realm vs Realm play) and in some respects is better than World of Warcraft (in others it’s not), can see both online games doing well long term: which is going to mean I’ll have to choose one to play most!

1-40 WAR Online Leveling Guide Reviews

I hate leveling characters so have been checking online for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning leveling guides and finally some have been created. So far I’ve tried WAR leveling guides from Ashlings (the one I recommend, see below) and Penns Games Guides (it’s an OK guide, but Ashlings guide is better, see near the bottom for why).

Ashlings Warhammer Online 1-40 Leveling Guide Review

I’ve tried two (four if you consider Order and Destruction as separate guides :)) Warhammer Online leveling guides, the best of these is the WAR 1-40 Leveling Guides at Ashlings World MMO Leveling Guides.

Ashlings offer both a 1-40 Order and a 1-40 Destruction leveling guides, but interestingly they give a big discount if you buy both WAR guides at the same time. I’ve tried a lot of MMO leveling guides (most for World of Warcraft) and I’ve always thought it strange that those that offer leveling guides for both factions (Alliance and Horde for WOW and Order and Destruction for WAR) don’t offer a discount when you buy both!

So well done on rewarding us MMO addicts who like to level characters on both sides of these epic online fights.

Small Update : September 18th

Been in contact with the creator of the Ashlings leveling guides and they expect to have a finished** Warhammer Online Leveling guide by the end of the week, so will be reviewing the fully finished 1-40 guides then.

** Finished in the sense of updating/adding new leveling information since the release of Warhammer online: 1st draft of WAR guides are based on the beta release and things change in the full release, so quick updates are a must have feature for a quality leveling guide.

Update : September 21st

As promised by the creator of the Ashlings World MMO Leveling Guides, just 3 days after the release of Warhammer Online I’ve received access to a fully updated version of their WAR leveling guide.

Currently it’s the Destruction version that’s completed (they are still working on the Order guide) and if your looking to level fast with the Destruction faction you want this WAR 1-40 Guide!

I’ve looked at a lot of MMO guides and this one is by far the most detailed leveling guide I’ve seen yet and considering they have had just three days from the full release to update it I’m VERY impressed!

Here’s the table of contents for the various sections of the WAR 1-40 leveling guide for Destruction leveling.

Warhammer Online 1-10 Destruction Leveling Path

Dark Elf Tier 1 Destruction Leveling (12 pages)
Chapter 1 Dark Elf – 1
Chapter 2 Dark Elf – 4
Chapter 3 Dark Elf – 6
Chapter 4 Dark Elf – 9

Chaos Tier 1 Destruction Leveling (10 pages)
Chapter 1 Chaos – 1
Chapter 2 Chaos – 4
Chapter 3 Chaos – 6
Chapter 4 Chaos – 7

Greenskin Tier 1 Destruction Leveling (10 pages)
Chapter 1 Greenskin – 1
Chapter 2 Greenskin – 4
Chapter 3 Greenskin – 6
Chapter 4 Greenskin – 7

Warhammer Online 10-20 Destruction Leveling Path

Dark Elf Tier 2 Destruction Leveling – 2
Chapter 5 Dark Elf – 2
Chapter 6 Dark Elf – 5
Chapter 7 Dark Elf – 8

Chaos Tier 2 Destruction Leveling – 14
Chapter 5 Chaos – 14
Chapter 6 Chaos – 15
Chapter 7 Chaos – 17

Greenskin Tier 2 Destruction Leveling – 20
Chapter 5 Greenskin – 20
Chapter 6 Greenskin – 22
Chapter 7 Greenskin – 24
Chapter 8 Greenskin – 26
Chapter 9 Greenskin – 28

Dark Elf Tier 2 Destruction Leveling – 32
Chapter 8 Dark Elf – 32
Chapter 9 Dark Elf – 36

Chaos Tier 2 Destruction Leveling – 40
Chapter 8 Chaos – 40
Chapter 9 Chaos – 42

Warhammer Online 20-30 Destruction Leveling Path

Chaos Tier 3 Destruction Leveling – 2
Chapter 10 Chaos – 2
Chapter 11 Chaos – 4

Dark Elf Tier 3 Destruction Leveling – 7
Chapter 10 Dark Elf – 7
Chapter 11 Dark Elf – 10

Greenskin Tier 3 Destruction Leveling – 13
Chapter 10 Greenskin – 13
Chapter 11 Greenskin – 14
Chapter 12 Greenskin – 16
Chapter 13 Greenskin – 17

Dark Elf Tier 3 Destruction Leveling – 20
Chapter 12 Dark Elf – 20
Chapter 13 Dark Elf – 22
Chapter 14 Dark Elf – 24

Chaos Tier 3 Destruction Leveling – 27
Chapter 12 Chaos – 27
Chapter 13 Chaos – 29
Chapter 14 Chaos – 30

Warhammer Online 30-40 Destruction Leveling Path

Chaos Tier 4 Destruction Leveling – 3
Chapter 15 Chaos – 3
Chapter 16 Chaos – 4
Chapter 17 Chaos – 6

Dark Elf Tier 4 Destruction Leveling – 8
Chapter 15 Dark Elf – 8
Chapter 16 Dark Elf – 11
Chapter 17 Dark Elf – 13

Greenskin Tier 4 Destruction Leveling – 16
Chapter 15 Greenskin – 16
Chapter 16 Greenskin – 17
Chapter 17 Greenskin – 20
Chapter 18 Greenskin – 23
Chapter 19 Greenskin – 28

Tier 4 Chaos Destruction Leveling – 32
Chapter 18 Chaos – 32
Chapter 19 Chaos – 33
Chapter 20 Chaos – 35
Chapter 21 Chaos – 37
Chapter 22 Chaos – 39

Tier 4 Dark Elf Destruction Leveling – 41
Chapter 18 Dark Elf – 41
Chapter 19 Dark Elf – 43
Chapter 20 Dark Elf – 46
Chapter 21 Dark Elf – 48

Tier 4 Greenskin Destruction Leveling – 51
Chapter 20 Greenskin – 51
Chapter 21 Greenskin – 53
Chapter 22 Greenskin – 54

They have pretty much detailed every step of the way making the WAR guide practically fool proof no matter what character you level. If you’ve leveled a World of Warcraft character using one of the main guides you’ll know when you hit a snag with the guide you go to Thottbot or Allakhazam for quest info, I think with Ashlings Warhammer Online guide you might be able to level fast without the need of other quest sites.

Warhammer Online 1-10 Order Leveling Guide

A few days later Ashling released their Order leveling guide, so in under a week from Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning release there’s a high quality and very detailed leveling guide for both factions!

They have done as detailed job with their 1-40 Order leveling guide, so expect the same level of detail as the Destruction guide above (not going to list a table of content like above).

More Warhammer Online Leveling Guide Reviews

Amusing Note: One of my darling kids (youngest son aged 12 years, chip of the block :)) has written a short Warhammer Online Leveling Guide Review on his web site, and he’s beating me on some Warhammer Online Search results in Google (cheeky little…..). I should stop teaching my kids how to search engine optimize their content!

And that brings me to the first Warhammer leveling guide I tried. Since I’m most impressed with Ashlings guides I considered deleting the review information below, but I’m sure there will be someone looking for comparisons between the various Warhammer Online guides, so here it is…

Penn’s Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Destruction and Ordering Leveling Guides Reviews

I bought a copy of Penn’s WAR leveling guide whilst the game was still in beta (1st WAR guide I tried) and I was using it to level a new character in the beta release of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

If you want to check it out the guide go to Penns Leveling Guide Site go to the “Game Guides” link for access to the info on the 1-40 Order Leveling Guide and the 1-40 Destruction Leveling Guide.

I’ve leveled a character to level 20 with the Penns Destruction leveling guide (I bought both versions, but started with the Destruction version). It’s an OK Warhammer leveling guide, nothing special, basically enough information to power level your Destruction or Order characters fast (both faction guides have the same format, but I never got around to trying the Order version).

In comparison to the Ashlings guide it’s not as good, where Ashling offers a very detailed questing step by step approach to power leveling, Penns WAR leveling guide is more a quest list. I know some people would prefer a simple quest list to level from, but I prefer the step by step leveling guide approach, when I first played WOW I had real difficulty doing quests as I’d get easily lost on various steps.

Many times I’d have a quest start as yellow (lots of experience available), I’d do some of the steps only to loose my way, I’d have quest items filling my bags for ages until a quest went grey and I’d delete it! That was one of the reasons for trying a WOW leveling guide in the first place, leveling by doing quests was frustrating and I didn’t want to grind all the way to level 70!!

So you now have a comparison between Ashlings WAR guides and Penns Leveling Guide, you decide which suits you.

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